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  3.LED light



Micro LED Photography Supplement Light YN60 
         A Small and Flexible Light

1.Small size but powerful, YN60 Pro is a portable pocket supplement light. 
Weight: 249g
Dimension: 3.5cm in diameter, 23cm in height

2.Built-in large lithium battery, brings you long lasting endurance. 
Battery capacity: 5200mAh
Input/Output: 5V1A
When the battery is fully charged, YN60 works continuously about 150 minutes at maximum brightness. 

3.In dual mode (RGB mode and 3200K-5500K mode), YN60  easily meets the demands of light supplement in different scenarios. 

4.With high color rendering index (CRI), YN60  helps to accurately reproduce the real color . 

5.YN60  adopts constant-current driving technology and its brightness output is stable. 

* Product Specification
Color temperature: 3200K, 5500K and RGB full color
Power: 5.5W          Lumen: 310LM and 247LM
Weight: 249g          Lighting angle: 110°
Built-in battery: 5200mAh
Input/Output: 5V1A

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