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YONGNUO Wide-Angle Prime lens YN35mm F1.4

ØStandard Lens & Wide-angle Lens
35mm focal length provides wider angle of view for various photographic subjects such as landscape, portrait, street snap.You can also get close to the subject to do a close-up shooting
with closest focusing distance of approx.0.35m and large aperture of F1.4 flexibly.
ØF1.4 Bright Aperture
Bokeh can be obtained easily to highlight the effect of the subject,in low-light conditions,you can also use low sensitivity and higher shutter speed for shooting.
ØAspherical Lenses
Equipped with 2 pieces of aspherical lenses, which can effectively compensate a variety of aberration.
ØAbnormal Dispersion Lens
Adopts 2 pieces of abnormal dispersion lenses,which not only effectively represses dispersion lens problem ,but also improves secondary spectrum.
ØGlass Optical Lens, Multilayer Coating
The whole series of this product adopt glass optical lens and multilayer coating technology to effectively increase light transmittance and control backlight ghost image and glare. 
ØUSB Firmware Upgrade
Equipped with USB port. You can download the latest firmware from the official YONGNUO website and update the lens. 
ØLive View Focusing (Lv)
Live view focusing (Lv). makes it easier to focus when shooting from special angles, or focus precisely from the broadened view on the display screen. 
Ø7pcs of Aperture Blades 
Adopts 7pcs of aperture blades, which helps to take picture of circular defocused spots as well as 14-star effect if you stop down the aperture.
ØGold-plated Contact, Metal Mount
This lens adopts gold-plated contact and high-accuracy chrome-plated metal mount,  which effectively increases signal conductivity,corrosion resistance and durability.
ØSupports AF Quick (AF) and Manual Focus (MF) Modes. 
Supports auto focus and manual focus,you can select the focus mode according to your own 
shooting needs.
ØFocus Distance Indicator
This lens is equipped with focus distance indicator, which makes it easier for you to estimate the distance of the subject and use manual focus. 

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