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Lithium Wireless High-speed TTL Speedlite 


ØSuper-powerful Portable Lithium Battery System

Equipped with 2000mAh big-capacity detachable lithium battery, flash firing times is 750. Using specified charger(YN-B2000C),the speedlite can be fully charged within 2 hours.

ØHigh-quality Battery Core, Built-in Protective Circuit

Adopts high-quality lithium core, built-in overcharge protection,  short-circuit protection and thermal-shutdown circuit, with advantages of long service life, high safety.

ØUltra-fast Charging Recycle System

Recycle time of full output is only 1.5s,you won’t miss any splendid moment.

ØSupports USB Firmware Upgrade

YN680EX-RT is equipped with USB port. Please visit YONGNUO official website to download the upgrade firmware and update the flash to ensure the best compatibility and performance of the flash.

ØSupports Real-time Display of Battery Remaining Capacity

YN680EX-RT supports real-time display of battery remaining capacity,which helps you

learn the battery status easily.

ØCompatible with Canons 2.4G Radio Transmission (RT) system

In shooting with 2.4G radio transmission wireless flash,one YN680EX-RT can be used as master unit to trigger YONGNUO and Canon’s RT series speedlite,and remotely control the flash mode and output level of the slave speedlite;One YN680EX-RT can be used as the slave unit,to receive the radio trigger signal from the RT series speedlite and flash trigger of YONGNUO and Canon,to achieve off-camera TTL、M、Multi functions and Gr grouping flash.

ØSupports Canons Optical Wireless Master Control Flash

In shooting with optical transmission wireless flash ,YN680EX-RT can be used as master  unit to trigger YONGNUO EX speedlites (except for YN585EX)and Canon EX series speedlites, and realize wireless TTL/M/MULTI flash.

ØSupports Optical Wireless Slave Flash

Compatible with optical wireless control signal of YONGNUO,Canon and Nikon,supports S1 and S2 preflash cancel trigger mode.

ØHigh Guide Number, High-speed Sync function

GN60@ISO100,200mm,supports TTL, M, MULTI and Gr flash, the maximum sync shutter speed is up to 1/8000s.

ØSupports Lamp Head Electric Zoom Function.

Supports auto and manual zoom,you can set flash coverage in the range of 20~200mm.

ØSupports Auto-save Setting, Custom Functions SettingFn

ØEquipped with large dot-matrix LCD screen.

*The transmission distance may be shorter depending on the conditions such as the positioning of slave units, the surrounding environment and weather conditions.

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