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Ø Super-powerful Portable Lithium Battery System

Equipped with 2000mAh big-capacity lithium battery, number of flash firing is over 750.

Battery built-in Protective Circuit.

Battery built-in overcharge protection, short-circuit protection and thermal-shutdown circuit, with advantages of long service life, high safety.

Ø Ultra-fast Charging Recycle System

Recycle time of full output is only 1.5s,you won’t miss any splendid moment.

Ø Supports USB Firmware Upgrade

Equipped with USB port, please visit YONGNUO official website to download the latest firmware and update the flash to ensure the best compatibility and performance of the flash.

Ø Compatible With YONGNUO 602/603 Wireless Trigger System

Fully compatible with YONGNUO radio transmission trigger signal of

YN720/ YN685/YN560 IV/YN660/YN560 III/YN560 TX/RF605/RF603/RF602,there are 16 channels available for choice, the effective trigger distance is up to 100m.

Ø Supports Radio Transmission Master Control,Realizes 6-group Flash Control Function Easily.

As master control unit,YN720 is equipped with 6-group flash control function, which supports remote control of flash mode, flash output, focal length, stroboscopic times and stroboscopic frequency of YN720/YN685/YN560 III/YN560 IV/YN660.

Ø Supports Radio Transmission Slave Function

As slave unit, YN720 can receive the radio transmission trigger signal from YONGNUO YN720/YN560 IV/YN660/YN560 TX/RF605/RF603/RF602

Ø GN60@ISO100,200mm

High Guide number 2.4GHz radio transmission speedlite, supports M/Multi flash mode.

Ø Supports Real-time Display of Battery Remaining Capacity,Supports  Power Saving Function

Displays battery remaining capacity in real time, which helps user know the battery status easily; Power saving design, the product enters sleep mode or powers off automatically after being idle for a long time.

Ø Supports Lamp Head Electric Zoom Function.

Supports manual zoom, you can set flash coverage in the range of 20~200MM.

Ø Equipped with large dot-matrix LCD screen.

The interface display is simple and straightforward, the operation is easier.


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