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  3.LED light



YN600S is a LED video Light designed and developed by YONGNUO. This light adopts the classic appearance of YN600 series, which is convenient and concise. YN600S supports adjusting the brightness through its professional LED beads of 3200K~5500K. The service life of this LED light is longer for the air-cooled heat dissipation. One-button memory function is newly added to this LED light. With this function, you can select the color temperature and brightness set previously. 
ØProfessional Color Temperature
YN600S adopts 300pcs of 3200K LED beads and 300pcs of 5500K LED beads, which is precise and reliable. YN600S is convenient and practical for that the color temperature can be infinitely regulated from 3200K~5500K. 
ØMemory Function
YN600S adopts one-button memory function which helps to save the color temperature and brightness. The saved data of the color temperature can be one-button recovered and updated. 
ØThe light source is from 600pcs of LED beads of large chip. The power consumption is lower, and the high brightness offers sufficient and balanced natural light to produce a more even supplementary lighting effect.
ØPower Supply Mode
(1)YN600S can be used with lithium battery of Sony NP-F series.It’s recommended to be use YONGNUO NP-F750 lithium battery to get better camera shooting experience. 
(2)YN600S provides a long time service when it’s used with external DC power. Adaptable voltage: 12V5A (Please do not use notebook power supply). 
ØYN600S adopts YONGNUO proprietary LED driving technology. The brightness and shooting effect are stable and reliable. This light can be adjusted from any angles to meet your photography requirements.
ØYN600S is equipped with softlight panel of white color and warm color to meet the usage requirements under different environment circumstances. 
ØYN600S is equipped with YONGNUO LED video light special hand shank.
ØThere are two types of YN600S for option. White-600pcs of 5500K LED beads; bi-color-300pcs of 3200K LED beads and 300pcs of 5500K LED beads.
Light source: 600pcs of LED beads
Color temperature: 3200K~5500K  
Luminous angle: 55。     Lumen: 4500LM
Output power: 36W
Average service life: 50000h
Weight: 988g         Dimension: 284*200*52mm
 Adaptable battery: 2pcs of NP-F lithium batteries
power supply: 12V5A DC adapter (optional)

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