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  6.Flash battery Pack



YN750C is the YONGNUO first speed battery charger for video light. Adopts the industry-leading quick charging technology.It takes only 2 hours to charge the battery to 80% of the electricity.
1.Adopts American TI charge management IC,which can control the charging electric current precisely and allows your battery with longer lifetime. 
2.Supports two batteries in quick charging simultaneously,to save the charging time effectively. 
3.Supports fast or slow charging switch,choose the fast or slow charging according to your power adapter.If the power of your power adapter is less than 20 watts,it recommends to use the slow charging. 
4.Adopts four-level charging indicator light designed,allows the battery charging process more intuitive. 
5.We suggest you use the YONGNUO external power adapter of Yongnuo LED video light,the compatible models are 12V5A and 19V5A power adapter. 

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