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Major Specifications
Mount:EF mount(Electronically controlled)
Lens construction: 9elements in 5 groups
Dimensions(max.dia. ×length): 55×73.9mm
Safety Precautions
1.Do not stare at the sun or a bright light source through the lens with the Extender attached,or with a camera with the Extender and lens attached.Doing so could result in visual impairment.In particular,do not look at the sun directly through the lens with the Extender attached,otherwise it could result in loss of vision.
2.Do not leave the lens with the Extender attached,or a camera with the Extender and lens attached in the sun without the lens cap on.Otherwise it may result in concentrating the sun’s rays ,causing a fire.
3.Do not leave the Extender in excessive heat places, such as in a car with direct sunlight.High temperatures can cause the Extender to malfunction.
Using an Extender with this lens may result in incorrect autofocus.
If your camera has an AF microadjustment function,do the AFmicroadjustment.
If your camera does not have an AF microadjustment function,focusmanually if the AF precision is way off.
If the automatic focusing does not smooth,it is because the lens aperture is too small and zoom out two stop of the aperture to decrease half of the into light.At that time 
please focus manually if the AF is not smooth
Mounting and dismounting the Extender
First attach the Extender to the lens,then attach it to the camera.Please follow the opposite procedures to disassemble.
To detach the Extender from the lens,push the lens release lever as shown by the arrow,then turn the Extender counterclockwise.
Maximum Aperture with the Extender
When Extender EF2X is attached,the lens maximum aperture will be smaller by 2 stop.In the above two case, the camera will compensate the exposure automatically.
Do not attach two or more Extenders on the same camera.Doing so will degrade the optical performance and the camera will not be able to obtain proper exposure readings.
In order to maintain the precision of autofocus control,the speed of automatic focusing will slow down when using the Extender.
When the lens taken from cold to warm places, the surface and internal condensation may occur. In order to prevent condensation, when taking the lens from cold to warm places, please first put the lens in sealed plastic bags, then take out after the lens warming up. And use the same method when taking out from the warm to cold places.
※All specifications are based on YONGNUO’s test and measurements.
※Product specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice.

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