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YONGNUO Smart Adapter EF-E Mount

 Blazing Fast Focus, More Than Awesome!

----YONGNUO Smart Adapter EF-E Mount
Ø Compatible with Canon EF/EF-S lens 
EF-E adapter is able to adapt EF/EF-S lens to Sony E mount camera, which allows you to have more purchasing choices of lens.
Ø Carries YONGNUO Intelligent Focus System
It’s realizable to focus from the nearest end to the farthest end as little as 2 seconds with EF-E adapter so that you can capture every moment of wonderful.
Ø Intelligent Electronic Control Aperture
EF-E adapter supports M/S/A/P camera mode and it’s realizable to adjust aperture automatically or manually in corresponding camera mode.
Ø Supports TTL
You can choose different camera modes and metering modes according to individual demand to get the correct exposure.
Ø Carries Electronic Contact and Supports the Original Function of the Lens
After adapted with the smart adapter EF-E mount, the Image Stabilizer (IS), TTL and Auto-Focus function of the lens work normally.
Ø Intelligent Power Saving Mode
When the camera is in sleeping mode, the saving mode of EF-E smart adapter will start automatically and it will run in low power state. 
Ø Photo EXIF Info Shows Correct Aperture, shutter, Focal Length and Other Shooting Parameters
Ø Use 50μm Gold-plated High-quality Pin to improve Signal Transduction and Corrosion Resistance
Ø Interface Made of Trivalent Chromium Alloy, Environmentally Friendly and Abrasion-proof
Ø Equipped with Tripod Stand, Convenient to Be Fastened on the Tripod
Ø Before purchasing, please refer to Compatibility List tested base on test condition of YONGNUO Company, or try it out in a nearby photographic equipment store.

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